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Technical support office Vienna
(in English or German)

+43 664 101 0212
Sales office Romania
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+40 722 133 324


Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a world class pump manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacture of systems for fluid management.

Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, it is the flagship company of the $ 2.1 billion Kirloskar Group. The market leader in fluid management, KBL provides complete fluid management solutions for large infrastructure projects in the areas of water supply, power plants, irrigation, oil & gas and marine & defence. KBL engineers and manufactures industrial, agriculture & domestic pumps, valves, hydro turbines. 

KBL has eight manufacturing facilities in India at Kirloskarvadi, Dewas, Kondhapuri, Shirwal Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Kolhapur and Karad. In addition, KBL has seven manufacturing and packaging facilities in Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America. KBL has 12,700 channel partners in India and 80 overseas and is supported by best in class network of Authorised Centres and Authorised Refurbishment Centres across the country. 

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